Form 1098-T Duplicate Request

Form 1098-T tax statements for students who have electronically consented are available as of the release date in early to mid January . Please review our Tax Form Forecast to see when the form is expected to be released before requesting a duplicate copy. You cannot request a duplicate copy of mailed forms until February 10 to allow time for forms to reach their destination.

Online Form Request

Students with access to One.IU

  1. Access to 1098-T related functions is available through One.IU here after authenticating.
  2. Click Start
  3. Select the Tax Year(s) PDF for the 1098-T Details and electronic financial summary
  4. Retrieve, review, save, or print the details for your records

Printed Form Request

Students without access to One.IU, but have a username and passphrase.

  1. Visit Duplicate Tax Form Requests after authenticating.
  2. Complete the online request form
  3. Detailed financial information is available in the Financial section of Self-Service
  4. See instructions above for online retrieval of detailed financial information

Students unable to access One.IU and do not have an active username.

  1. Complete a duplicate tax form request available as a Fillable PDF
  2. Mail or fax the completed request to the address listed on the form