Quick Guide - Payments to International Visitors

[NOTE: IU Departments must collect and submit/upload immigration documents to IU Tax Department for document approval. Buy.IU did not eliminate this procedure.]

Requested Immigration Docs and coversheets may now be uploaded here.

After 1/1/2018 faxed immigration documents will no longer be accepted from IU Departments. Please make sure you are using the latest coversheet.


All payments to international visitors are reviewed by the IU's University Tax Services, who is responsible for maintaining compliance with all US tax laws. Documentation must be submitted directly to University Tax Services before payment can be reviewed and approved.

Departments who plan to host international visitors, even those that will be here for only a few days, should contact the Office of International Services. They will assist you in obtaining information about available visa options and help determine which visa status is most appropriate for the visitor's individual circumstances.

Select the appropriate topic for instructions

Use the contact information provided to submit all documentation. Any information uploaded or sent to Office of International Services, Accounts Payable, or Travel Management will need to be submitted again to University Tax Services.

Honoraria/Compensation for Non-Employee Services Performed in the U.S.

Required Documentation:

Collect these documents when the visitor arrives and upload to https://go.iu.edu/nra-visit-upload

Collect this document when the visitor arrives and Fax to the DV or PO Vendor workgroup for vendor setup or update:

Optional documentation to request tax treaty benefits:

  • Residents of certain countries may be entitled to reduced tax rates or exemption from tax under a tax treaty between their country and the US. See the Tax Treaty page for more information.
  • In order for University Tax to determine your treaty status the visitor must complete the International Tax Questionnaire.
Travel Reimbursement only Within U.S.

Required Documentation:

Non-Employee travel reimbursements are assumed to be accountable plan. If a visitor is only being reimbursed for accountable plan travel expenses no immigration documentation is required.

If travel not related to the conduct of business on behalf of Indiana University will be classified as a fellowship for tax withholding and reporting purposes. Please see required documentation for compensation above.


Examples of non-accountable plan travel expenses:

  • Expenses past the 60 day accountable plan time frame.
  • Spousal travel not related to job placement.


Any additional questions regarding travel policies and procedures should be directed to Travel Management Services. Inquiries about immigration policies and procedures should be directed to the Office of International Services.

Contact Information

Mail: University Tax  Services
400 E. 7th St.
Poplars Building Room 527
Bloomington, IN 47405 

(812) 856-4861

IU Departments must upload documents

Upload Immigration Documentation--NEW: http://go.iu.edu/nra-visit-upload
A/P Supporting Documentation should be uploaded separately from Immigration documentation: http://go.iu.edu/AP-uploader


Passport with Admission Stamp: replaces I-94 for documentation purposes I-94 Card: issued at both Northern and Southern Land boarders
Passport with admission stamp.jpg I-94 Card.jpg
Version of I-94: issued by Global Entry Kiosks I-94 Automated: Website print out www.cbp.gov/I94
I-94 Card Global.jpg I-94 Website.jpg