It is the policy of Indiana University to pay its employees via electronic funds transfer (also known as direct deposit) to the U.S. financial institution(s) designated by each employee. IU typically issues paycards to employees who have not signed up for direct deposit prior to their third paycheck. The paycard will be issued and held in Poplars 527 (or their respective campus payroll office) to be picked up by either the employee or the department's Fiscal Officer, Fiscal Approver, Account Manager, or Account Supervisor. A photo ID is required for pickup.

Paycard funds are available on payday by 10 a.m. EST/EDT. Paycards can be used at any ATM to withdraw cash or at any vendor who accepts PIN-based transactions. Employees can also withdraw all their funds at any U.S. bank that accepts Visa. Employees who do have bank accounts can transfer funds from the debit card directly to their bank account online.

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Methods to Access Your Pay for Free

The first transaction after every pay load is free only when using one of the following withdrawal methods. Several of the methods below enable you to withdraw all your pay in one transaction. Subsequent withdrawals incur charges.

  • PIN point of sale purchase with cash back (where available).
  • United States Postal Money Order.
  • Allpoint surcharge free ATM withdrawal.
  • ChekToday - write yourself a rapid!Paycard check and cash it free at any Wal-Mart in the U.S.
  • Request a check - rapid!Paycard will write a check drawn on your account to pay to a vendor that does not accept electronic payments (for example, a landlord).
  • OTC bank withdrawal.

Card Fees

If you have already used the free transaction for the pay period, the following fees will be charged:

Activity Fee Limit (if any)
Credit card purchase— not using PIN Free Daily limit $5050
PIN point of sale purchase (including cash back) $ .50 Daily limit $5050
Allpoint ATM withdrawal $1.75 Daily limit $1025, although some vendors will have lower limits set per transaction.
Request a check $2.99   
United States Postal Money Order $0.50 Daily limit $1000
Electronic transfer to another bank account $1.50   
ChekToday $3.00   
Over the counter bank withdrawal $4.00 Daily limit $5050
Printed and mailed statement $1.50   
Card replacement $10.00   
Bill Pay $1.50   
ATM balance inquiry or ATM decline $0.75   
Point of sale declined $0.50   
Inactivity fee (after 6 months) $4.95   


Cardholder Benefits

  • Free 24/7/365 toll free customer service agent access.
  • Online account access at
  • Event driven text option.
  • Bill pay.
  • Free web statements.
  • Optional cardholder rewards program.