New HRMS Navigation Resources

PeopleSoft, the software used in the Human Resource Management System, or HRMS, was upgraded Saturday, September 29th. The video below walks through the changes to the interface.


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The Payroll group within Financial Management Services supports the entire payroll process at Indiana University. In conjunction with University Human Resource Services, we support the Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

Our Mission

To serve our University community by guiding and supporting financial and payroll operations to ensure the highest level of compliance and fiscal responsibility for Indiana University.

Payroll Staff

  • Stephen Miller, Director Payroll Operations, Director FMS Customer Service, Director FMS Training
    • Sandy McElhinney, Payroll Operations Manager
    • Cassie Rosenburgh, Assistant Payroll Operations Manager
      • Belinda Arthur
      • Debbie Doub
      • Lisa Hays
      • Linda Morrow
      • Nikki Pavlopoulos
    • John Brumley, Payroll & Time Systems Manager
      • April Thomas
      • Kyle Trinkle
      • Mike White