Reference Information

instructions Auxiliary Quarterly Variance Analysis Instructions Instructions for completing the quarterly variance analysis
excel template Balance Sheet Backup Template (xlsx) A template useful for completing yearly balance sheet backup. This template has examples of common object codes on auxiliary account balance sheets. 
pdf documentation Auxiliary Voucher Documentation (PDF) KFS documentation regarding the Auxiliary Voucher document
presentations Auxiliary Forum Presentations and files from previous Auxiliary Forums
interest rates Monthly Interest Rate on Cash Deficits Interest rates that are charged to 60 accounts that have consecutive negative cash balances. Please see ASOP 12.0.
word document Chart of Accounts Quick Reference Guide Chart of accounts reference guide that shows the appropriate account numbers for various fund groups across all campuses.
pdf documentation Creating a Saved Search for Enroute AV Documents Instructions for creating a saved search within KFS document search. Useful for finding Enroute AV documents that need to be approved before the monthly cutoff.
pdf documentation How to Run Unapproved Documents by Chart and Organization Report Instructions for using an IUIE report that will return all outstanding unapproved documents for a given chart and organization.
pdf documentation Instructions for Creation of Org Review A guide for creating an additional layer of routing on KFS documents.
excel template Summary of Transfer Object Codes List of transfer object codes with specific object code information and financial statement mapping.

Steps to Move Assets to a Newly Created Plant Fund (95) Account

Detailed instructions on how to move capital assets to a plant fund (95) account
pdf documentation

Providing Goods and Services to Other IU Accounts Flow Chart

Flow chart that provides guidance on which document type to use when providing goods or services to another IU account