Frequently Asked Questions

Is the invoice due date the date the check is issued? If it is, won’t payment be late?

The invoice due date represents the date by which payment will be made. In the case of non-catalog orders, payments are generated four days prior to the due date listed on the invoice so long as the invoice has been approved and is in payable status. Check request payments are generated next business day following approval.

How are invoices processed? Is there a standard timeline when invoices should be expected to process in BUY.IU?

Invoices enter BUY.IU via four methods: Digital Mail Room, electronic submission, supplier portal, and manual entry. The invoice may then route for review and approval from the department or Accounts Payable. This is dependent on the type of order and discrepancies between the purchase order, invoice, and sometimes a receipt. Once the invoice has collected the necessary approvals it reaches a Pay Status of “payable.” The timeline can vary greatly depending on the order, so there is no standard timeline.

How are past due payments processed in BUY.IU?

Payment is generated the next business day after the invoice reaches payable status. This happens automatically; Accounts Payable does not need to be notified of past due payments. Past due invoices are prioritized for review because AP’s standard practice is to review in the order of oldest due date.

What are the definitions of the SI document statuses in BUY.IU (payable, paid, etc.)?

In Process:  Invoice is enroute and awaiting approval/system validation.

Payable:  Invoice is considered “OK to Pay.” Payment information transmitted to PDP and held until payment terms on supplier profile are met.

Paid:  Payment has been issued.

Cancelled:  Payment was rejected or cancelled by an approver.

What does it mean to “flip” an invoice or do a "PO flip"?

A “PO flip” is an optional process suppliers can complete in their supplier portal. The supplier creates an invoice using the information on their PO. This method does not require the submission of an invoice document to Review the Submit an Invoice via the Supplier Portal documentation to learn more about this process.

Would it be preferable or recommended to request suppliers to utilize their portal versus send invoices to be processed by DMR?

This is really at the supplier’s discretion. If they are comfortable using the supplier portal it is encouraged. There is a two-day turn processing time associated with DMR, while invoices submitted via the supplier portal are immediately available in BUY.IU and paired with the correct PO.

Is it allowable for the supplier to send the department the invoice?

If at all possible, supplier should submit their invoice to or to our lockbox located in Scranton, PA, not to the department. Sending an invoice to the department increases the likelihood of duplicate invoices which delays processing and payment.

If you must submit an invoice on behalf of a supplier, first search for the supplier invoice number in BUY.IU to ensure it has not already been submitted. This BUY.IU News and Notes article shows how to search for a supplier invoice number. Once you have verified the invoice has not been submitted, type or write the full PO number (including the characters “PO”) on the invoice and submit it to

Suppliers should submit their own invoices whenever possible. When an invoice is submitted to, the sender is sent a confirmation that the invoice was received. It’s best for the supplier to have that information. Ultimately, we want suppliers to take ownership of ensuring they’re paid. Submitting their own invoices is a key part of that process.

Who answers supplier portal questions?

The Supplier Workgroup,, are able to answer many questions regarding the supplier portal. Depending on the question they may need to send the supplier to Jaggaer customer service.

If a check has not yet been received by a vendor or an individual, who can I contact to see if it has been returned to the university?

Most checks returned to the university are forwarded to the FMS Help Desk initially and then routed to Accounts Payable or a Department. 

Once a check payment is mailed, how do I see where it went?

Review the Payment Information section of the BUY.IU invoice. Payments issued via check are mailed to the address listed in the Addresses section of the invoice.

Is it possible to put an invoice on hold?

No, it is not possible to put invoices on hold in BUY.IU.

When we reply to the comment left by AP, should we select that person's name for an email notification or should we change it to the fmsaphlp account?

Please reply to the fmsaphlp account. This account is checked regularly by multiple people and helps ensure that you receive the fastest response or action possible.

I’ve had POs that were created in KFS and cancelled by BUY.IU and suppliers have rejected invoices. Should I create a new PO?

POs in KFS were closed on January 16, 2020. If DMR receives invoices which reference a KFS PO number the invoice is forward to AP for research and review. AP may contact your department and request a BUY.IU PO be established to process payment.

Where can I find tax information and forms?