Accounts Payable Staff

Staff and Contacts

IU Accounts Payable is made up of five teams. These five teams work together to ensure IU's liability obligations are met in a timely and accurate manner while adhering to university policy and regulatory requirements.

Management and Professional Team

Charlie Sinex Director, Accounts Payable and Records Management
Marika Voukidis Supervisor, Accounts Payable Operations
Amanda Coats Supervisor, Accounts Payable Operations
Sara MacMorran Technical Operations Support

The RIRT Team (Research Invoice Resolution Team)

Processes invoices and other special tasks, as well as researches and resolves rejected invoices.

  • Pat Akers
  • Gerri Fredrick
  • Jennifer Moore
  • Ali Piovesan


812-855-4004 (The RIRT Team)
877-481-0007 (The RIRT Team)
812-856-4452 (IU AP Fax)
PO#s are the reference point for payable questions – always include the PO #.

Vendors may check status of payment processing for the most recent 12 months at

Vendor billing information can be found at

The DV Team (Invoice/Disbursement Voucher)

Processes invoices, reviews DVs, and reviews DV vendor documents.

  • Lorna Butler
  • Tim Keene


Contact for DV Inquiries only:
812-856-2499 (The DV Team)
DV Supporting Paperwork submitted as a PDF file:

DV Vendor Tax Documentation (W-9 and W8BEN, signed and dated plus DV Vendor Approval Workgroup Coversheet with Document Number)

IU DV Team Fax – W9, W8BEN submissions



DV Vendor Approval Workgroup Address

DV Vendor Approval Workgroup

Poplars 526

Bloomington Campus

KFS and P-card inquiries should be directed to the RIRT Team contact information above.

The Invoice Processing Team

This team processes clean invoices approximately 20 hours per week.

  • Ariane Alcorn
  • Margaret Blackburn
  • Pealer Bryniarski
  • Claire Cumberland
  • Becca Hamon
  • Emily Moscaritolo
  • Tyrel Nicholson
  • Angelica Perez-Camacho
  • April Sconyers
  • Jocilyn Watson


The Records Management Team

This team moves PDF invoice images to OnBase and indexes the image in OnBase. This team scans and indexes paper documentation for both KFS invoices and credit memos and for DV Supporting Paperwork.

  • Bethany Phillips
  • Kurian Johnson

Procurement Card (P-Card) Guidance

Purchasing P-Card Guidance

Link to FMS Cash Control “Check Status and Stop Payments” webpage
(Available only to IU Department Users)