Accounts Payable Disbursement Vouchers (DV)


The Disbursement Voucher (DV) document is used to reimburse employees and non-employees for expenses incurred while conducting university business and to pay other vendors for performing a service, or providing material goods for the university.

The DV process generally restricts payments made directly to vendors for goods and services, particularly those for professional services.The DV is not designed to replace standard university procurement procedures nor is it intended to alter theprocurement policies mandated by The Trustees of Indiana University. It is not intended as a substitute for sanctioned procurement channels.

The links below provide general information, procedures, and forms related to the disbursement voucher.

DV - General Information

These documents will help to understand when to use a DV, the components of the DV e-doc itself, and some common mistakes that can hamper a DV from being processed correctly.

Purchasing Information: Disbursement Voucher Guidelines
DV Help Manual for KFS
Top Five Common Mistakes on Disbursement Vouchers FMS AP

FMS AP Upload Record